Our Story

Ivan Spargo was a builder from Melbourne who was introduced to Falls Creek when the family worked as volunteers at Howman’s Gap National Fitness Camp.  Once introduced to the mountains Ivan and his wife Joy were hooked and would take their 3 children, Van, Rob & Leonie skiing to Falls Creek on a regular basis.  Ivan realised he couldn’t work as a builder forever so decided to make a lifestyle change and move to the mountains. 

Ivan did his research and realised that Falls Creek being at a higher altitude with south facing slopes had the most reliable snow fall and longest season so in 1965 he purchased a piece of leasehold land on the site where Halley’s Lodge is today.  Ivan and his sons Rob & Van helped build the lodge and the family settled into their new life. 

Rob Spargo met his wife Blanche while she was holidaying in Falls Creek in 1967.  They married in 1969 and the site where the Falls Creek Hotel is today was purchased.  Even though the site would be very challenging to build on it was the best location in the village so with his sister Leonie and her husband Glenn they proceeded to build the Hotel over the next 10 years.  Many changes were made over the years including the addition of the ski shop and swimming pool and continuous upgrades. 

Both couples had 3 children whom attended the Falls Creek Primary School and were involved in the Falls Creek Race Club.  Robs eldest daughter Lisa Spargo was a member of the Australian Ski Team from 1985 to 1989.  After that she worked as a ski instructor achieving full APSI certification and worked in Austria and America and was also a member of the Australian Interski team. 

In 2010 Lisa moved back to Falls Creek with her husband Damien Allport and their two young boys to join the family business.  Rob & Blanche Spargo retired to Tawonga South in 2014 & Leonie & Glenn Docking retired in 2017 to Melbourne. 

Lisa & Damien’s boys have also attended the Falls Creek Primary School, Falls Creek Academy and Race Club are now the fourth generation of the family living in Falls Creek. 

With a passion for snow and all the Falls Creek community has to offer the family is committed to continuing the Hotel traditions long into the future. 

Ivan & Joy Spargo
Lisa, Kylan, Damien & Cody Allport
Ivan Spargo in front of Spargo Lodge
Rob Spargo building Falls Creek Hotel foundations
Lisa Spargo/Allport 2 years old
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